by Victor Johnson & Friends

Released 2007
P-POP Records
Released 2007
P-POP Records
"Songs and Stories for quiet time". Drift off to beautiful music that inspires the imagination, empowers the spirit and is just plain enjoyable. 2007 Parents' Choice Silver Award & 2007 NAPPA Honors Award
2007 Parents' Choice Silver Award Winner
2007 NAPPA Honors Award

"Victor is the polar opposite of the Wiggles and Barney"
Ed Z.

Dreamtime by Victor Johnson & Friends is more than a beautiful bedtime record for kids. It is pure magic.

The open hearted performances and lush recording make the record a true work of art. It contains playful tunes, reworked classic fairly tales, two magical bedtime stories and a lullaby on solo guitar. The tunes are gentle and laced with little pearls for kids to drift off to.

Victor Johnson has a growing international reputation for making kid's music that adults like too. Dreamtime follows suit, raises the bar and shows great music and great records can be for everyone.